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Skilled and Knowledgeable Veterinary Staff

Let us introduce our team of efficient and professional staff at Wilbraham Animal Hospital. Being practitioners of progressive medicine, we use state-of-the-art medical treatments and equipment for all pet patients. The pets seem to like them, too!

Amy Zander headshot, western MA animal hospital, springfield MA animal hospital, Wilbraham animal hospital

Amy Zander, Hospital Administrator

Amy has been managing Wilbraham Animal Hospital since 1999. Although her career did not start in the veterinary community, she grew up in this wonderful, giving environment. Her father was Dr. Richard Hersman and she was joined by her brother, Dr. Andrew Hersman, in 2005.

She graduated from Lafayette College with a BA in International Affairs. She went on to pursue her graduate degree at Central Connecticut State University, where she earned her Masters of Science in Organizational Communication. Although she loves the animals that she meets every day, she focuses on the people that bring their beloved pets to Wilbraham Animal Hospital!

Amanda Tetreault

Amanda has been with our team since 2007! She is amazing with animals (and their owners, too). Amanda has excellent communication skills and has the ability to do double duty as a receptionist or technician. One of her favorite parts of being a technician is working with challenging or scared large breed dogs to make sure they have a positive experience. Helping pets and pet owners find comfort in stressful situations is her goal! When not at work, Amanda enjoys weightlifting, horseback riding, and going on adventures with her children.

Amber headshot, vet tech western MA, western MA animal hospital, springfield MA animal hospital

Amber Gray, CVT

Amber brings so much love and patience to our team! She is always making the staff and clients smile and has the ability to work with pets of all temperaments. Amber appreciates the strong sense of teamwork and reliability of the Wilbraham Animal Hospital team. 

Ashley Phoenix, CVT

Cait Siciliano, CVT

Meet Cait! Cait is the Practice Manager at the Wilbraham Animal Hospital and has been an integral part of the East Springfield/Wilbraham team since 2017.  She works very hard to keep the hospitals running smoothly and efficiently.  She absolutely loves our patients and their parents, ensuring everyone goes home healthy and happy.  Cait is, also, one of two technicians at our hospitals certified in veterinary cannabinoid counseling.  She is an expert in her field! Cait also adores working with her amazing team of medical professionals; doctors, technicians, receptionists.  She understands and values every person in our hospitals.
Cam Lucier headhot - Wilbraham Animal Hospital

Cameron Lucier

Celenia - WAH

Celenia Carmenatty, Front Desk


Charisma Hammon, CVT


Dakotah Smith

Erin headshot, Wilbraham Animal Hospital staff, western MA animal hospital, veterinary services

Erin Wilson

Erin joins us from Johnson & Wales University where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Equine Science. She worked as a toxicology technician at a research lab and a large animal veterinary technician before joining our team in 2018. We are so lucky to have her! In her spare time, Erin enjoys riding horses, hiking, and camping with her husband and two-year-old husky.
Joanna - WAH

Joanna Forcier, Vet Tech Supervisor

Johannah McCarthy

Johannah has been instrumental in our company for so many years. Johannah has earned the role as our Surgery Department Manager for both hospitals! She is supportive of our clients and her teammates. She is a huge part of these hospitals. We wouldn’t be where we are today without her! In her free time, Johannah enjoys knitting and crocheting and is a movie/television fanatic. Her favorite part about working at ESVH is seeing how appreciative clients are when they leave the hospital. The team and clients appreciate all that you do, Johannah!
Kristen headshot, vet tech western MA, western MA animal hospital, springfield MA animal hospital

Kristen Hubert, CVT


Krystal White

Lauren headshot, vet tech western MA, western MA animal hospital, Wilbraham MA animal hospital, Wilbraham Animal Hospital

Lauren Trzpit

Lauren graduated from UMASS Amherst in 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture and Design–what an accomplishment! She then graduated from the HCC Vet Tech program in 2019 and also became a CVT. Lauren loves being part of a team that helps animals and enjoys getting to know the clients and pets more personally. She is crazy about cats and in her free time, you’ll find Lauren hiking, knitting, and snuggling with her own two cats.

Liz headshot, Wilbraham Animal Hospital staff

Liz Macon

There is a chance at this point that Liz has spent more hours at Wilbraham Animal Hospital than at her own house. Working with Dr. Rowe for 18 years, we were excited to inherit Liz when we moved in. There is nothing like seeing Liz’s smiling face at the desk when you come through the front doors! Liz graduated from Becker Junior College with a degree in Veterinary Technology and has loved working with animals ever since. When Liz can find a quiet moment for herself, she enjoys playing the piano, hiking, and kayaking.

Nami Forest, CVT

Nami, Certified Veterinary Technician. Certifiably Fantastic! Smart, kind, sweet, sensitive are just a few of the words that come to mind when you meet her. Just like her colleagues, Nami truly loves her chosen profession. We all have a passion for animals- that’s why we are here. Nami, ALSO, has a passion for knowledge and science. Put those two together and you have a winning combination. She is an important team player in your pet’s health and well-being!


Sharon Bartels, CVT


Tim Ladd


Wendy Cormier, CVT

Wendy is a steadfast technician that joined us to continue a decade-long journey with Dr. Lynn Dgetluck. Wendy graduated from Bay Path College in 2008 with a Bachelors in Biology and minored in Math and Chemistry. After completing Holyoke Community College in 2010, she became a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2011. Wendy’s true grit shines through in everything that she encounters. She faces challenges with a level head and a big smile!

Emma headshot, vet tech western MA, western MA animal hospital, springfield MA animal hospital

Emma Hartley Cote
06/19/93 – 04/14/19
Certified Veterinary Technician

A life so young
Has now been freed.
Courageous yet kind
Patient and compassionate
A “thousand watt” smile
Wise beyond her years
Sweet, comforting, cheerful
Intelligent; eager to learn
A little sass!
Illuminating, radiant
Emma, We love you!